Specializing in Unreal Engine development

About Us

GeoTech is a young and ambitious tech company that develops integration tools for new technologies and gaming platforms for Unreal Engine.

Our goal is to help companies and developers create amazing experiences that push gaming and digital interaction to the next level. We see game engines as the tool of the future for creating any interactive digital experience and we believe that by providing integrations with new hardware technologies we will be able to merge both our physical and digital world into one.

What We

Innovation & curiosity // New technologies inspire us and we constantly strive to create new ones. There is always room for new experiments, not forgetting that it's part of a fun journey.

Passion & fun // We follow it. We live it. We approach it with all optimism we have.

People & honesty // People are at heart of everything we do. We believe that we are stronger when we work together, supporting each other. And there is always so much new to learn from each other.

Freedom // In everything we do. We always hear our people or our partners equally.

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We Do

GeoTech is focusing on tools for UE and virtual production industry.

Our primary experience in creation UE extension and plugins for Virtual Production.

We have 3 years of experience collaboration with Epic Games and our team together with epic games developed group of tools which help to use Unreal Engine for virtual production needs. We start collaboration with Epic Games since UE 4.24 and together with Epic Games and other industry partners we bring group of plugins into the engine.